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The Friends of Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh
Registered charity No 1088711

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Registered Charity No 1088711

2008 was the year of the Lime-washing, and although it took a lot longer than envisaged at the outset, and was a great deal more costly than budgeted, the result is spectacular and the Church no longer looks like a patchwork!

The scaffolding went up in June and came down in August. The amount of plasterwork that needed replacing was much greater than originally thought, as with the scaffolding in place, it became obvious that many more areas were in need of repair. The weather delayed the project and the Church was much more porous than thought and needed an extra coat of lime-wash on top of the two quoted.

TThe final cost was £12,120 which was 46% over budget. Fortunately the Friends had sufficient funds to meet all expenditure, but as can be seen from the Accounts below, they are no longer cash rich! Unfortunately in the current economic climate fund raising will be difficult. The reduction in the tax we can reclaim will also have an impact from 2009.

2008 was also the year of the Quinquennial Inspection. Fortunately, because repairs are carried out on an ongoing basis, there was little work that needed doing, and this was completed, during the lime-washing works, and has been paid for by the Friends. br />
Looking forward, there are no immediate matters that require attention although there is one box grave that needs to be rebuilt having been demolished by a falling tree, many years ago. The organ was playing up early last year, but fortunately, seems to have cured itself for the time-being, but will need to be watched, and the Friends will need to keep funds available for an overhaul.

I am grateful to all those who support the Friends and I hope that they see that their gifts are being put to good use. Income was well down in 2008 because 2007 included funds raised for the bell but only paid on completion of the restoration, during 2008.

Rory O’Brien was appointed a Trustee at last year’s AGM and brings an ecumenical diversity to the Friends.

Robert Erith is due to retire as a Churchwarden at the next Church AGM, having served for over 40 years. A remarkable achievement by any standard! He will therefore retire as a Trustee at our AGM and will be replaced by his current co Churchwarden, Andrew Marsden. I would like to thank Robert for his help as a Trustee from the start of the Friends in 2001.

Patrick Cooper and Rory O’Brien retire by rotation but seek re-election at the AGM.

Once again I am grateful to John Sparkes for certifying these accounts.

Mark Dawson
2nd February 2009

Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31.12.2008

  2007 2008
Income received £4,182.56 £10,784.80
Returns not cashed   250.81
  £4,182.56 £11,035.61
Less: Expenditure
Professional fees £ 293.75
Tree felling/internal plastering £1,396.75
Ramp for Health & Safety £ 250.00
Grass seeding & Internal scaffold £ 614.86
Scaffolding hire £2,643.75
Lime-wash £1,598.00
External plastering & painting £7,879.48
Floodlighting scaffold £1,081.15
Sundry £ 464.26
  £16,222.00 £4,832.73
(Deficit)/Surplus for the year (£12,039.44) £6,202.88
Balance Sheet at 31.12.2008
Current Asset
Balance at Bank £ 1,699.49 £13,738.93
Net Assets £ 1,699.49 £13,738.93
General Reserves
Balance b/f £13,738.93 £ 7,536.05
(Deficit)/Surplus for year (£12,039.44) £ 6,202.88
  £ 1,699.49 £13,738.93

Independent examiners report to the members of The Friends of Holy Innocentsbr> Church, Lamarsh

I have examined the Income and Expenditure Account of the Friends with the books
and vouchers and certify that they are in accordance therewith.

John Sparkes. Chartered Accountant
2nd February 2009

The stated objectives of The Friends are "by contribution, to maintain, repair, restore, improve and reconstruct the fabric of Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh, including its monuments, fixtures, fittings, furniture, stained glass, ornaments, other chattels and its churchyard, for the benefit of the public. The Trustees are empowered to distribute any excess funds, which in their opinion are surplus to requirements, for the relief of financial hardship, or the relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people residing permanently in Lamarsh"

The Trustees are:
David Anderson
Patrick Cooper*
Mark Dawson - Treasurer
Robert Erith - Churchwarden Trustee
Rory O'Brien* 

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