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The Friends of Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh
Registered charity No 1088711

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Registered Charity No 1088711


2010 was an uneventful year. However it was our tenth year and it is satisfying to note, that in that time we have raised a total of just over £62,000, and we have achieved a lot for the Church, including the bell restoration, which was funded entirely from outside the village. We have also paid for the church to be lime-washed, which is a great improvement. Many of the graves have been restored and head stones put upright. We paid for a new brochure, as this was needed in connection with fundraising.


The Trustees had agreed to meet at the Church, in the spring, to discuss what might need doing, but I ended up with a snapped tendon and unable to get out from March to August, so the meeting did not take place.


In 2009 I cut the hedges but I had to get someone to do this last year and in spite of asking for a bill, it has not been forthcoming. They had also been asked to trim the hedges in December and may have been waiting to render an account for the lot. However the weather intervened, so the hedges have remained untrimmed, and no bill has been rendered. I anticipate a bill for £75 or thereabouts.


We have also used a mole trapper and he has not rendered a bill. I imagine this will be for £50.


The Trustees had, last year when the alarm was installed, agreed to meet the annual maintenance cost of the alarm system but no-one contacted the alarm company so this work still has to be done. Again no bill!


The Trustees have agreed to pay for the erection of a wooden shed to house the mowers, which can no longer be kept at Lamarsh Hall. The shed will be behind the church, which is the least visible place for it. Planning permission has been obtained and a Faculty granted. The quoted cost was £2,726 but it will now be more after the increase in VAT.


We need more Friends, as some have left the village, but I have not attempted to get more for two reasons 1) We have rebuilt the Balance Sheet, but have spent nothing in 2010, so asking for money, when none is strictly needed, is a sure and certain way to fail 2) I have been out of action for six months.


At some stage the Trustees would like to rebuild the box grave that was demolished by a falling tree some years ago. There will no doubt be other matters that need attention, including replacing the ride-on mower before it becomes too costly with repairs. It is ten years since we bought it.


Rory O’Brien moved to Bury, but has agreed to stay on as a Trustee. Patrick Cooper moved to Twinstead but has also agreed to remain a Trustee and both retire by rotation and seek re-election.


Once again I am grateful to John Sparkes, who has just been awarded the MBE for his charitable work, for certifying these accounts.


 Mark Dawson.  Treasurer.                                                   24th January 2011







Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31.12.2010

                                                         2010                                                  2009                                                     

Income received                           £4,049.33                                         £5,053.34

                                                      £4,049.33                                         £5,053.34

Less: Expenditure                              Nil                                               £1,861.53 


                                                      £4,049.33                                         £3,191.81

Surplus/(Deficit) for the year       £4,049.33                                          £3,191.81                                                               


Balance Sheet at 31.12.2009   

Current Asset                                

Balance at Bank                             £8,940.63                                       £ 4,891.30


Net Assets                                      £8,940.63                                       £ 4,891.30


General Reserves

Balance b/f                                    £ 4,891.30                                       £1,699.49

Surplus/(Deficit) for year              £ 4,049.33                                       £3,191.81

                                                      £ 8,940.63                                       £ 4,891.30


Independent examiners report to the members of The Friends of Holy Innocents

Church, Lamarsh

I have examined the Income and Expenditure Account of the Friends with the books

and vouchers, and certify that they are in accordance therewith.


John Sparkes.  Chartered Accountant

24th January 2011



The stated objectives of The Friends are,  “by contribution, to maintain, repair, restore, improve and reconstruct the fabric of Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh, including its monuments, fixtures, fittings, furniture, stained glass, ornaments, other chattels and its churchyard, for the benefit of the public. The Trustees are empowered to distribute any excess funds, which in their opinion are surplus to requirements, for the relief of financial hardship, or the relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people residing permanently in Lamarsh

The Trustees are:  David Anderson

                                        Patrick Cooper*

                                        Mark Dawson – Treasurer

                                        Andrew Marsden - Churchwarden Trustee

                                        Rory O’Brien* 

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