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The Friends of Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh
Registered charity No 1088711

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Registered Charity No 1088711


2013 was a quiet year for the Friends as we were not presented with any major expenditure, so our payments only amounted to £572.28. Of this we refunded the PCC £339.48 for servicing the fire extinguishers, and the inspection and testing of the lightning conductor on the tower. We also met the cost of the routine maintenance of the burglar alarm, and part of the cost of a call out to the alarm. We also paid for the annual charge for the church website.


Income was up due to VAT recovery on the roof repairs of 2012 and a generous donation from The Catalyst Trust.


I am sometimes asked why the website is inactive in that it does not have a contact email address. The answer is that I was receiving so many cranky emails, not to mention spam and potential viruses, that I removed my contact addresses, and thankfully that solved the problem.


During the year a benefactor in the village paid for the removal of the dying hedge on either side of the iron gate leading to the church from the road. At that stage it was intended to replace it with a hedge, cleft chestnut fencing or iron park fencing. Everyone agreed that a hedge would not grow due to the lime trees which had killed off most of the old hedge. I said that the Friends would pay for park fencing as the Trustees had proposed this some years ago. However a survey of visitors to the church liked it with nothing between the road and the church. English Heritage was consulted and wanted park fencing, as does the church architect and The Round Tower Churches Society and the Diocesan Advisory Committee. I do not know who will prevail in this matter although I suspect that if English Heritage or the DAC insist on park fencing then park fencing it will have to be! The quoted cost for park fencing was £2182.00. I have completed all the preliminary application work with the DAC and passed the papers to the Churchwardens who are in a quandary as to what to do!


2013 was the year of the quinquennial inspection, but so far I have not seen the report so do not know if there will be repairs where we may be asked to meet the cost. Looking ahead I feel sure that the church and tower will require re-limewashing before long and there are patches of failing plasterwork on the tower. The church ride-on mower, which we bought, is now 12 years old and will have to be replaced soon.


At last year’s AGM it was suggested that I should look for a replacement trustee for Rory O’Brien, who had kindly continued to act as a trustee, although he had moved to Bury St Edmunds some years ago. I felt it important that his replacement should be an RC so that the ecumenical balance remained as it is at present. I am very grateful to Rory for his help and involvement over several years. He has always responded promptly to all my emails about church matters. Francis Kenealy has offered to replace Rory, if elected, at the AGM. Another trustee David Anderson, who was a founding trustee, also moved away, but has agreed to continue until a replacement is found.


 Mark Dawson.  Treasurer.                                                   7th February 2014




Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31.12.2013

  2013 2012
Income received £4,980.77 £3,578.02
  £4,980.77 £3,578.02
Less: Expenditure £572.28 £4,196.98
(Deficit) Surplus for the year £4,408.49 (£618.96)
Balance b/f 01.01.2013 £7,386.10 £8,005.06
Balance c/f 31.12.2013 £11,794.59 £7,386.10
Balance Sheet at 31.12.2013    
Current Asset    
Balance at bank £11,794.59 £7,386.10
Less creditors Nil Nil
Net assets £11,794.59 £7,386.10
General Reserves    
Balance b/f £7,386.10 £8,005.06
(Deficit) Surplus for year £4,408.49 (£618.96)
  £11,794.59 £7,386.10

Independent examiners report to the trustees of The Friends of Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh
I report on the accounts of the Trust for the year ended 31st December 2013, which are as set out above
Respective responsibilities of trustees and examiner
The charity's trustees are responsible for the preparation of the accounts. The charity's trustees consider that an audit is not required for this year under section 144(2) of the Charities Act 2011 (the 2011 Act) and that an independent examination is needed.

It is my responsibility to:
• Examine the accounts under section 145 of the 2011 Act
• To follow the procedures laid down in the general directions given by the Charity Commission under section 145(5)(b) of the 2011 Act, and
• To state whether particular matters have come to my attention.
Basis of independent examiners report
My examination was carried out in accordance with the general Directions given by the Charity Commission. An examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the charity and a comparison of the accounts presented with those records. It also includes consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the accounts, and seeking explanations from you as trustees concerning any such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required in an audit and consequently no opinion is given as to whether the accounts present a "true and fair view" and the report is limited to those matters set out in the statement below.
Independent examiners statement
In connection with my examination, no matter has come to my attention:
(1) which gives me reasonable cause to believe that in any material respect the requirements:
• To keep accounting records in accordance with section 130 of the 2011 Act; and
• To prepare accounts which accord with the accounting records and comply with the accounting requirements of the 2011 Act
have not been met; or
(2) to which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper understanding of the accounts to be reached.

John Sparkes.  Chartered Accountant

7th February 2014



The stated objectives of The Friends are,  “by contribution, to maintain, repair, restore, improve and reconstruct the fabric of Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh, including its monuments, fixtures, fittings, furniture, stained glass, ornaments, other chattels and its churchyard, for the benefit of the public. The Trustees are empowered to distribute any excess funds, which in their opinion are surplus to requirements, for the relief of financial hardship, or the relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people residing permanently in Lamarsh

The Trustees are:

David Anderson
Charlotte Erith
Mark Dawson – Treasurer
Andrew Marsden - Churchwarden Trustee
Rory O’Brien 

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