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The Friends of Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh
Registered charity No 1088711

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Registered Charity No 1088711


After the large over-spend on the lime-washing in 2008 due to an underestimate in the quote, and expenditure to protect the tower whilst scaffolded, the Trustees decided that only vital work would be approved in 2009, and that the Balance Sheet should be rebuilt before embarking on any projects. They also decided that whilst competitive quotes had been obtained for the lime-washing, in future even small works should be put out for competitive quotes, if the Friends were going to be asked to pay. However, we were presented with an unexpected final bill for the work resulting from the quinquennial inspection during 2008. This amounted to £670.


In the spring I lowered the roadside hedge so that the church became more visible, now that the church looks so much more attractive. I also cut the hedges during the summer, again to save money, as this has, in the past, been done by a contract gardener and paid for by the Friends.


The church was entered and the vestry was broken into in July and considerable damage was caused to an old oak chest in the church, which had to be rebuilt, and to the vestry door. Nothing was stolen, as all items of value, are kept elsewhere. The vestry door was subsequently fitted with heavy internal locks and very heavy keeps. The external door from the vestry was similarly protected. Some of this work was carried out by me to save costs. However, the resultant costs which were met by the Friends, amounted to £160, net of insurance. The Trustees felt that, as this was the third break-in in recent years, the time had come to install a burglar alarm. Approvals were obtained and this was installed in November at a cost of some £500. Hopefully the fact that there is an alarm will deter burglars.


In the summer I was approached by the Treasurer of the PCC as she was concerned that the church would run out of money without raiding the reserves. I said that to do this would be wrong. I advised her that the Friends could not assist with everyday expenses, as this fell outside our charitable remit, and any shortfall in meeting the quota/family purse, whilst unfortunate, would I felt sure, be forgiven. However I agreed to arrange an evening with a local raconteur followed by supper in the village hall. This event proved popular and raised £743.50. The PCC will need to work hard to continue to raise funds. I am not on the PCC in case there ever was a conflict of interest. However I am hoping that I have persuaded a local resident, who is a film director, and who has helped in the past, to arrange a concert in the summer. This may not raise enough to bridge the gap between income and expenditure, so other events will be needed.


In the longer term what is really needed is an endowment fund which could provide income to augment the money raised by the PCC. However this requires people to leave money to the church when they die or have spare funds, something that is unlikely in the current economic climate. I would however urge people to try and leave a legacy to the church, or to the Friends, in their will. It is deductible for inheritance tax purposes.


David Andersonand Mark Dawson retire by rotation but seek re-election at the AGM. Rory O’Brien will sadly be moving away from Lamarsh in 2010, but has been persuaded to remain a Trustee for the time being. 


Once again I am grateful to John Sparkes for certifying these accounts.


 Mark Dawson.  Treasurer.                                                    4th February 2010





Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31.12.2009

                                                         2009                                                  2008                                                     

Income received                           £3,937.86                                         £4,182.56

Refunds received                          £   481.98

Refund of VAT                             £   633.50                                                                 

                                                      £5,053.34                                         £4,182.56

 Less: Expenditure                                                                              

 Quinquennial repairs                    £  670.00

 Security improvements                 £ 547.53

 Burglar alarm                                £ 517.50

 Sundry                                           £ 126.50

                                                      £1,861.53                                         £16,222.00

 Surplus/(Deficit) for the year      £3,191.81                                        (£12,039.44)                                                               


Balance Sheet at 31.12.2009   

Current Asset                                

Balance at Bank                             £4,891.30                                       £ 1,699.49


Net Assets                                      £4,891.30                                       £  1,699.49


General Reserves

Balance b/f                                    £ 1,699.49                                       £13,738.93

Surplus/(Deficit) for year              £ 3,191.81                                      (£12,039.44)

                                                      £ 4,891.30                                       £  1,699.49


Independent examiners report to the members of The Friends of Holy Innocents

Church, Lamarsh

I have examined the Income and Expenditure Account of the Friends with the books

and vouchers, and certify that they are in accordance therewith.


John Sparkes.  Chartered Accountant

4th February 2010



The stated objectives of The Friends are,  “by contribution, to maintain, repair, restore, improve and reconstruct the fabric of Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh, including its monuments, fixtures, fittings, furniture, stained glass, ornaments, other chattels and its churchyard, for the benefit of the public. The Trustees are empowered to distribute any excess funds, which in their opinion are surplus to requirements, for the relief of financial hardship, or the relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people residing permanently in Lamarsh

The Trustees are:  David Anderson*

                                        Patrick Cooper

                                        Mark Dawson – Treasurer*

                                        Andrew Marsden - Churchwarden Trustee

                                        Rory O’Brien 

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